Works council for Eurowings Discover?

Released on 08. 10. 2021

  • The newly founded Lufthansa subsidiary “Eurowings Discover” opened its own just a few months ago Operations started. Photo: –

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Pilots and flight attendants want to have a say for the new Lufthansa subsidiary and set up a works council.

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – The cockpit pilots’ union (VC) and the flight attendant union Ufo want to jointly establish a works council for flying personnel at the Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings Discover.

“We are actively campaigning for the establishment of a works council and are convinced that the employees have an interest in employee participation at their airline,” said VC President Stefan Herth on Friday, according to the announcement. “A company can only grow healthily through a functioning social partnership,” added UFO Deputy Chair Anja Bronstert.

The daughter’s goal: to keep operating costs low

As a first step, the unions want to invite the flying personnel to a works meeting. The newly founded Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings Discover started its long-haul flight operations this summer. With the focus on the tourism segment, the group wants to open up new markets.

Eurowings Discover is said to work at significantly lower operating costs than the core brand Lufthansa, according to earlier statements. The planning for the project had already led to a violent dispute with the unions of the flight personnel because of the lower collective bargaining conditions compared to the group. Eurowings Discover currently employs around 800 employees.

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