Why does the US Navy use a laser fire hose?

A few weeks ago, the US Navy released a pretty startling photo. In the image, we see sailors in firefighter outfits, including one holding a fire hose emitting a laser beam. In reality, it is a test device on board military ships.

A device for training effectively

We regularly evoke the US Navy, the famous United States Navy. Recently, the latter mentioned Skydweller, a drone-plane capable of flying alone for three months thanks to photovoltaic panels. Let us also mention the intention of the navy to return to sextant navigation, much older than the current GPS. A few weeks ago, the platform DVIDS, the visual information distribution service of the United States Defense, published an astonishing photograph. Soldiers in firefighter uniforms were in possession of a very special fire hose. Indeed, it emitted a laser beam.

Note that this is not a new weapon or even a new technology to fight fires. In reality, it is a question of a digital fire simulation system. It may seem paradoxical at first glance, but ships are very vulnerable to fires. Indeed, they transport a large quantity of fuel and have many enclosed and / or difficult to access spaces. Thus, sailors must be able to train effectively in fire control, in the event that one of them breaks out on one of their boats.

navy firefighter fire laser lance 2Credit: DVIDS

A way to save the material of ships

The problem is with just training on a ship. For example, spraying an engine room to simulate fire control is not viable at all, given the potential damage to equipment. A digital fire simulation system is therefore much more suitable. Developed by the Lion Group company, it projects images of flames onto screens that sailors have to “extinguish” during their training.

In order to start the test, all you have to do is connect an infrared and laser beam emitter to a conventional (or dummy) fire hose. The laser is then projected in the same way as a water jet would be. This same laser is then able to interact with the screens while the virtual flames are extinguished only if the firefighters use the right technique to handle the lance.

Here is the video presentation of the concept by Lion Group:

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