Warning strikes before the next collective bargaining round for public banks

Berlin / Wiesbaden (dpa) – Before the next collective bargaining round for the 60 000 employees of state and development banks as well as several Sparkassen, Verdi has increased the pressure. In Hesse, according to the union, about 350 employees of public and private banks took part in a warning strike and a rally in Wiesbaden on Friday.

Actions took place in others during the week Federal states given. The employers have meanwhile announced an offer including a one-off payment.

Although the collective bargaining for public and private banks is taking place separately this year for the first time in years, Verdi had called on employees of both banking groups to go on warning strikes.

Verdi accuses the employers of the public banks that the proposed abolition of wage increases based on professional experience leads to a loss of income. The German Bank Employees Association (DBV) is also critical of the proposal and had emphasized: “We will not allow the discontinuation of the professional year scale, as suggested by the employers.”

The employers resigned for the third wage round next Tuesday (19. 10) an offer for a “noticeable” one-off payment and a salary increase for junior staff for this year. “We do not want the employees to suffer from many idle months,” said Ulrich Theileis, deputy negotiator of the public banks. However, further idle months could only be avoided if the unions now seriously negotiated a new pay system.

In the collective bargaining talks for about 140 000 Employees in the private banking industry had recently hardened the fronts. Verdi canceled the fourth round, which was actually planned for this week, with the employers’ association of the private banking industry (AGV). There have been no signals from the employer that they want to improve the previous offer. months. In view of rising inflation rates, this means a loss of real wages, criticized Verdi. There is currently no new negotiation date for the private banks.

Verdi is demanding 4.5 percent more money for both banking groups, but at least 150 euros more per month. The DBV wants 4.8 percent more money for both private and public banks and a reduction in weekly working hours by one hour to 38 hours. It is also about more flexible working conditions.

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