Vonovia warns of a hangover after the Berlin referendum

Released on 27.09. 2021

  • There was also a referendum on the socialization of real estate holdings in Berlin. Photo: Sebastian Gollnow

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In Berlin, voters have voted for the expropriation of large real estate companies. The real estate group Vonovia proposes “more constructive” solutions.

Berlin / Bochum (dpa) – After the Berlin referendum on the expropriation of large housing companies, Germany’s largest real estate company Vonovia warned against a long-term stalemate.

«Expropriations do not solve the diverse Challenges on the Berlin housing market, ”said Vonovia boss Rolf Buch on Monday. Even after the decision, politicians could work out more constructive solutions that addressed the concerns of many people that they could no longer afford their apartment.

The Berliners had met on Sunday with 56, 4 percent for the expropriation of housing groups. The state government is thus called upon to «initiate all measures» that are required to transfer real estate into common ownership and to draft a law for this purpose.

Vonovia is about to take over Berlin’s largest landlord German living. On Monday, the Bochum company announced that they controlled more than 46 percent of the share capital of Deutsche Wohnen. Both companies jointly sell three state-owned companies in Berlin 14. 750 Apartments as well as 56 commercial units for 2, 46 billion euros.

«In the new legislative period we need significantly more togetherness Confrontation, ”demanded Buch. As a next step, the two companies would voluntarily limit their rents in Berlin for the next five years. In addition, be ready, 13. 000 To build apartments in Berlin.

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