Verdict expected in the infidelity process against VW HR managers

Released on 28.09. 2021

  • Horst Neumann (2nd from left) and Karlheinz Blessing (2nd from right), former VW Group HR directors, are standing together with two other defendants shortly before the start of the trial in the town hall of Braunschweig. (Archive image). Photo: Moritz Frankenberg

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Did VW receive excessive payments to high-ranking works councils for years? The criminal process on this irritating issue is now coming to an end. Does the judgment of the criminal chamber in Braunschweig bring clarity? 2021

Braunschweig (dpa) – Before the verdict in the process of allegedly excessive payment of leading works councils at Volkswagen, the points of view could hardly be more different The defense lawyers want acquittals for the three former and one incumbent personnel manager at VW. On this Tuesday !!! (Ref .: 16 KLs 85 / 19)

The core of the procedure is the remuneration of senior works councils at Europe’s largest car manufacturer. The main argument was about the approach to long-term careers, such as those of Bernd Osterloh. His path led him from vehicle production to the top position in the group works council. He is currently Chief Human Resources Officer at the VW commercial vehicle holding company Traton in Munich. Osterloh appeared as a witness in the trial, but is not charged. A separate aid proceeding against him was separated.

The public prosecutor’s office accuses the personnel managers of making between for Osterloh and other influential works council members and 2016 to have released inappropriately lavish remuneration. The defendants – including the ex-corporate HR directors Horst Neumann and Karlheinz Blessing – had chosen criteria for determining the salaries of the senior works councils “deliberately so that an increased salary was apparently justified, although this was not correct”.

You are accused of infidelity, sometimes even in a particularly serious case, because VW suffered damage worth millions. The managers are said to have acted improperly and deliberately. After the acquittal pleading by the defense attorney, the defendants themselves also used their closing remarks on Monday to firmly reject the allegations of infidelity.

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