Verdi calls for a strike day at Ikea in the north

Released on 21.09. 2021

  • In retail, including Ikea, there has been a tariff dispute for months. Photo: Federico Gambarini

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Ikea blocks wage increases, finds the Verdi union and calls for a strike. Two federal states in the north are initially affected.

Bremen / Hanover (dpa) – In the wage conflict in retail that has been simmering for months, the Verdi union is calling for a nationwide strike day in several Ikea furniture stores this Tuesday in Lower Saxony and Bremen.

The locations Großburgwedel, Hannover Expo-Park, Bremerhaven, Osnabrück and Braunschweig are affected from this morning, as Verdi announced. Verdi negotiator Sabine Gatz said that Ikea is a member of the Lower Saxony collective bargaining commission and participates in the “nationwide blockade of retail companies, so that employees still lack an appropriate pay increase and appreciation for their good work”.

The day of the strike also sends a message in the direction of collective bargaining taking place at the same time in North Rhine-Westphalia. “A serious, negotiable offer must finally be on the table,” she said. Between and 11 o’clock a strike rally is planned in front of the Großburgwedel furniture store.

Verdi calls for an increase in wages and salaries by 4, 5 percent plus 45 euros per month for all employees, 100 Euro more training allowance, as well as a minimum income of 12, 50 Euro per hour with a running time of 12 months.

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