VCI Nordost expects sales growth and investments

Released on 20. 09. 2021

  • The logo of the Verband der Chemischen Industrie eV Landesverband Nordost (VCI Nordost). Photo: Patrick Pleul

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The industry association sees the East German pharmaceutical and chemical industry on the right path out of the Corona crisis. Companies want to expand and renew their production. There are still worries.

Berlin / Leuna / Schwarzheide (dpa) – In the East German chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the situation has improved noticeably in view of the recovery in global industrial production. “After a corona-related” breather “, the companies report that demand, both nationally and internationally, has increased noticeably,” said Nora Schmidt-Kesseler, General Manager of the Northeast Chemistry Associations (VCI Nordost / Berlin). The companies are well utilized. “We expect an increase in sales this year,” she said. The environment is currently positive. 2020 the turnover was 27 billion euros, before the corona pandemic 27, 2 billion euros (2018).

According to its own statements, the association represents more than 360 companies of the chemical-pharmaceutical industry with around 54 500 employees. According to previous information, the VCI (Frankfurt / Main) expects nationwide for 2021 despite tense supply chains and bottlenecks in preliminary products 211 Billion euro. The previous best value is the year 2019 with 203 billion euros, while in the Corona year 2020 only barely 190 billion euros were generated.

The industry is very heterogeneous in East Germany. According to Schmidt-Kesseler, companies would be burdened by the sharp rise in raw material and energy prices. There would also be bottlenecks in preliminary products and logistics services. According to the association, however, with the production of vaccines and disinfectants, the pharmaceutical division in particular has contributed to the fact that the chemical industry in eastern Germany has so far been able to survive the corona crisis since spring 2020 has come.

This is shown by the fact that companies in the industry are now investing more heavily after a phase of reluctance due to global uncertainties. “Something is happening in many places, be it new investments, modernization projects or the expansion of the infrastructure,” said Schmidt-Kesseler. Large investments in sustainable chemistry stand out among the new settlements. “This shows that eastern chemistry is a central engine of the transformation,” she said.

According to the information, in Schwarzheide (Brandenburg) to 2022 / 2022 a production of cathode materials for battery cell production and at the same time the Prototype of a recycling plant for batteries to be built. At the chemical site Leuna (Saxony-Anhalt) there are construction projects for around 1.3 billion euros, as Schmidt-Kesseler said. The Finnish group UPM is building a biorefinery for around 500 million euros.

In the future, special chemicals for plastics production are to be produced in the plant on the basis of wood as a renewable raw material. In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, the company IDT Biologika is investing more than 100 million euros in the production and filling of vaccines.

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