US wants to unveil secret space weapon

Across the Atlantic, there is a space weapon that very few people know about. Officials would like to unveil it to the world as part of a demonstration. Why does the United States want to reveal one of its strengths?

Towards a declassification of the file

Until now, the United States had only one real space weapon. This is the Counter Communications System, a system capable of jamming communications between an enemy and its own satellites. However, some US missiles usually reserved for missions on Earth have also been able to hit a target in space since 2008. Other countries also have anti-satellite weapons, such as China and Russia. In 2019, India destroyed a satellite with one of these weapons, an irresponsible act that NASA said threatened the International Space Station.

In an article from August 20, 2021, the site Breaking Defense claims that the United States is about to unveil a space weapon that only a few dozen people are aware of. Some officials are actively pushing for a declassification of the file, such as General John Hyten, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The interested party wants a demonstration of the space weapon to take place and be broadcast around the world.

satellitesCredit: Northrop Grumman

What kind of weapon?

The weapon in question is classified as Special Access Program, the highest level in the administration of the country. Since the United States has already proven its ability to destroy a satellite with a missile from the ground, it could be that this new weapon is capable of launching projectiles directly from Earth orbit. Other observers favor a laser system on the ground. It would then be a device similar to the one France is developing, and capable of greatly disrupting any type of satellite. The weapon could also be a mini-satellite capable of protecting the larger ones against possible threats. Let us also cite another possibility: it would be a satellite equipped with a laser (or microwave) weapon capable of destroying an object in the air and on the ground.

But why declassify this file? The first reason would be to shed more light on the Space Force. This is the sixth branch of the United States military that the Trump administration created in 2019. Another reason would be to warn certain countries like China and Russia. It should be noted that the United States depends enormously on their satellites, much more than these two countries. Thus, the weapon in question would first and foremost have a dissuasive purpose.

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