Uniper demands compensation in the event of an early exit from Datteln IV

Released on 01.10. 2021

  • Steam rises from a cooling tower of the Datteln 4 coal power plant operated by Uniper. Photo: Bernd Thissen

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The controversial hard coal power plant is the youngest in Germany. According to the operator, an early shutdown in order to comply with the climate targets should cost the state quite a bit. 2038

Düsseldorf (dpa) – The energy company Uniper insists on compensation if its hard coal power plant Datteln IV is to be switched off earlier than 2038 .

Anyone who wants to change the coal exit law must “take the question of compensation into account,” said Uniper CEO Klaus-Dieter Maubach on Wednesday evening at an event organized by the Düsseldorf Economic Journalists Association.

Uniper is ready to talk on the subject. “We are aware that Datteln IV has become the symbol for the German coal phase-out,” said Maubach. “But the ball is not with us.”

Datteln IV was the last German hard coal-fired power plant to go online last year. In the law on the end of coal-fired power generation, an earlier end than was waived with a view to possible compensation. Bringing the coal phase out ahead is likely to become an issue in the negotiations on the formation of a new federal government.

Attempts to force Datteln IV out of the market by means of a higher CO2 price would not work , emphasized Maubach. Anyone who tries that will be disappointed. Uniper has largely “leased” the generation capacity of the power plant to two major customers and concluded long-term contracts for them. The group therefore also gets money if these customers do not buy electricity because of variable costs that are too high. In addition to the energy company RWE, Deutsche Bahn has long-term contracts with Uniper.

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