Train travel will be more expensive again in December

Released on 01.10. 2021

  • An ICE is on a platform in Berlin Central Station. Photo: Carsten Koall

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At Deutsche Bahn, prices are rising, especially for commuters and customers who want full flexibility. The company points to the high inflation. In comparison, rail travel is cheap.

Berlin (dpa) – Deutsche Bahn is increasing fares. They rise on 12. December on average by 1.9 percent, as the company announced on Friday in Berlin.

Tickets at the so-called super saver price and saver price, it should be unchanged from 17, 90 Euro or 21, 50 give euros. On the other hand, the flex price and the prices for route season tickets will rise by an average of 2.9 percent. Bahncards will also be 2.9 percent more expensive.

The Bahn spoke of a moderate price adjustment and pointed out that general inflation is currently 4.1 percent. “In a long-term comparison, rail travel remains cheap,” emphasized the company. Even after the price increase in December, a long-distance journey costs about as much as in the year 2012. With the Bahncards 21 and 50 be it the first increase in seven years.

Highest premium since 2012

The surcharge of 1.9 percent on average is the highest since 2012. After that there were also some clear rounds. 2020 prices in long-distance transport fell by ten percent after the federal government had reduced VAT. This should encourage more people to take the train instead of getting into a car or plane.

The state-owned company is financially bad. In addition to problems in international business and in freight transport, the corona crisis was a heavy burden. In the first half of the year alone 2021 the heavily indebted group made a loss of 1.4 billion euros.

Nevertheless, the goal remains to increase the number of long-distance passengers to 2030 compared to 2015 to double. This should help Germany achieve its climate goals in transport. In return, billions flow into trains, the rail network and additional employees.

Deutsche Bahn has not yet announced a price increase in regional transport for this year. There, however, the railway only makes the prices for trips outside of transport associations, which affects about every fifth customer trip.

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