The risk of strikes on the railway has been banned

Released on 07.10. 2021

  • An ICE in Berlin Central Station. Photo: Carsten Koall

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The train drivers’ union has struck three times and thwarted millions of passengers. And when the GDL agreement was reached, the EVG threatened a labor dispute. Now it is certain: It will not come to that.

Berlin (dpa) – Deutsche Bahn passengers no longer have to fear strikes for the time being. The company and the railway and transport union (EVG) have reached a collective bargaining agreement, as both sides announced. The next tariff round with the EVG normally begins in spring 2023.

«All participants – and above all our customers – can now plan safely again, “said Bahn Personnel Director Martin Seiler. EVG negotiator Kristian Loroch said that it had been possible to restore the operational peace at the railway.

The EVG competes in the railway company for members and influence with the smaller union of German locomotive drivers (GDL) . The EVG actually agreed a collective agreement last September. Because the GDL got more out of three strikes this summer, it was renegotiated.

In addition, a corona premium of up to 1100 Euro agreed. That is 100 euros more than in the conclusion of the GDL. However, the next increase in the table fees in the EVG tariff comes a month later. On January 1, they will rise by 1.5 percent. According to the EVG, there are also improvements in the case of supplements.

The tariff applies to all rail companies in which the EVG has more members than the GDL. Their conclusion is currently 16 of the approximately 300 Railway companies. For other companies it still has to be determined which union is stronger there. The EVG emphasized that anyone who compares the two degrees will hardly find any differences. wanting to set clear accents for the members. “We are already preparing for a tough argument from March 1st 2023.” The GDL had agreed a tariff increase of 1.8 percent for March 1 2023. Your contract runs until October 2023.

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