The port industry sees the Port of Hamburg under increasing pressure

Released on 26. 10. 2021

  • View of the port of Hamburg. Photo: Marcus Brandt

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Growth is the order of the day in the Port of Hamburg. However, far less than the competition in Rotterdam and Antwerp, for example. The distance increases.

Hamburg (dpa) – The Hamburg port industry sees the largest German seaport under increasing pressure from old and new competitors in Europe.

With a turnover increase of 3.1 percent in the first nine months 2021 is the «growth path after the difficult last one Year again, ”said the President of the Hamburg Port Enterprise Association (UVHH), Gunther Bonz, on Tuesday. In addition to light, there is also shade, because the ports in Rotterdam with 8.6 percent and Antwerp with 4.8 percent show higher growth rates. “That means the distance between us and the two main competitors is increasing.” Threat from emerging competitors. Bonz cited the port of Danzig as an example, where the handling capacity for container ships and rail connections are being expanded. The Association sees Piraeus as another example. The Greek port is already number 1 in the Mediterranean and is being expanded under the direction of the Chinese shipping company and port group Cosco. “A big competitor is growing up,” said Bonz.

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