The head of the Agriculture Ministers' Conference criticizes Klöckner

Dresden (dpa) – Saxony’s Agriculture Minister Wolfram Günther (Greens), as head of the Agriculture Ministers’ Conference (AMK), accused the Federal Ministry of numerous failures.

Günter moved in on the sidelines of the AMK autumn conference in Dresden Conclusion of his term of office: «We could and should be much further. In Berlin, attempts have been made to postpone important and inevitable decisions until after the federal election or to sit them out completely, ”said Günther of the German Press Agency. Fortunately, that didn’t work out. “This is also thanks to the spirit of cooperation between the countries, despite all the political differences that exist here.”

The house of Federal Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) has “reliably not done its homework »Emphasized Günther. As evidence, he cited the reorientation of EU agricultural funding, animal welfare and the implementation of appointments from the so-called Borchert Commission – a competence network for livestock husbandry. “Farmers have long known that they are facing an enormous task of transformation. You do not want to be protected from change, but to be supported on this path. The Federal Minister of Agriculture is doing the industry a disservice if she repeatedly hits the brakes. ”

Federal Ministry counters

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture advised Günther to look in his own mirror . «It was Mr Günther, as AMK chairman, who initially did not want to deal with the national implementation of the Common European Agricultural Policy. After that, despite hours of negotiations, he did not achieve a result in two meetings. It was only the good serve from Federal Minister Julia Klöckner that finally got the federal states moving and ensured that the national strategic plan can now be presented on time and the farmers receive their funding, ”said Hans-Joachim Fuchtel, Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture.

Positive conclusion for 2021

Günther expressed the hope of making faster and more constructive progress with a new federal government. His conclusion for 2021 was positive overall. “This year we made the switch. We negotiated hard for this, sometimes in night-long special sessions. The resistance came primarily from one direction: from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, ”he said, referring to the national strategic plan for EU agricultural support. With the realignment of agricultural subsidies, you are fulfilling several tasks at once – one social, one political and one ecological.

“We currently have an agricultural system that nobody is satisfied with. Not consumers, not agriculture and not those who advocate more environmental protection, climate protection, protection of biodiversity and animal welfare, ”said Günther. In the future, around half of the agricultural subsidies for the farms will be linked to their contributions to ecology and the common good: “That is the real success of this chairmanship.” The new funding period is one of the transition. «In everything we have negotiated this year and are currently continuing to negotiate in Dresden, we keep an eye on the farmers’ incomes. Because without efficient companies we will not make progress with our transformation task. ”

One of the topics of the current AMK is supposed to be swine fever. Here, too, Günther sees Klöckner’s actions critically: “Ms. Klöckner recently invited to a pig summit, which, of all places, did not include Saxony, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. We are the bulwark against African swine fever. A summit on the topic without us is absurd. ”

Parallel to the AMK, the Federal Association of German Dairy Farmers and the“ Association Land Creates Connection ”demonstrated in Saxony in front of the conference hotel in Dresden. «We do not need any female ministers who rely on the self-healing powers of the economy. We need representatives of the people who act courageously and with a focus on results, instead of just watching and letting go », it said in an appeal by the dairy farmers.

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