Suspended sentences for VW HR managers required

Released on 27.09. 2021

  • The infidelity process against three former and one incumbent Volkswagen personnel manager is entering its final phase. Photo: Julian Stratenschulte

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The judges at the Braunschweig Regional Court want to end the criminal proceedings against four VW HR managers this week, if possible. Much is at stake for the accused.

Braunschweig (dpa) – In the infidelity trial against three former and one incumbent personnel manager at Volkswagen, the public prosecutor’s office demanded suspended sentences and monetary conditions.

With regard to payment and bonuses of leading works councils, the defendants acted in breach of duty and with willful intent, said public prosecutor Sonja Walther on Monday in the Braunschweig regional court. She accused the HR manager at Europe’s largest car manufacturer of infidelity, sometimes even in a particularly serious case. (Ref .: 16 KLs 85 / 19)

The executives – including the ex-Group HR directors Horst Neumann and Karlheinz Blessing – have, according to the conviction, high members of the employee representatives between and 2016 inappropriately lavish remuneration released. The prosecutor demanded a suspended sentence of between six months and two years. In addition, the accused are said to have pecuniary obligations between 30 000 and 1.5 million euros to non-profit organizations. The trial continues with the defense attorneys’ pleadings. A judgment could come on Tuesday.

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