Study: Car sales in 2021 barely above the level of the previous year

Released on 26.10. 2021

  • New cars in China: car sales are falling there too. Photo: Wenjun Chen

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Not only in Germany are the sales figures for cars falling, also in China, for example. There are reasons for this, which can be found in the semiconductor crisis.

Bergisch Gladbach (dpa) – According to a study by industry expert Stefan Bratzel, car sales in China, the USA and Europe this year are only three percent above the Corona-affected previous year.

Without the semiconductor crisis, around 10 million vehicles would have more worldwide can be sold ”, announced the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) in Bergisch Gladbach on Tuesday. Sales will be “around 10 percent below the value of the year 2019 ».

From January to September, new registrations are in the seven most important automotive markets (China , USA, Europe, Japan, Brazil, Russia and India) with 45, 6 million already 12, 7 percent below those of the previous Corona year 2019. With single-digit declines, the USA and China are far better off than Europe, where 24, 4 percent fewer vehicles were sold as 2019.

In China, according to CAM, until September 16, 6 million cars sold, an increase of almost compared to the previous year percent. “However, the international chip crisis has had a negative impact on the overall positive development, especially in the last few months.” It is similar in the USA, where the new registrations until September with 11, 8 million Vehicles good 12 percent over the previous year. In Europe, up to September there was an increase of 7 percent compared to the weak previous year. For the year as a whole, Bratzel expects 10 million in Europe, and 15, 2 and in China with 20, 3 million registrations.

Production stoppages combined with high demand led to «record profits for many automobile manufacturers who mainly use the scarce chips install in higher-priced vehicles and also do not have to grant any discounts, ”explained Bratzel. “On the other hand, it is the automotive suppliers who suffer most, because they are rewarded according to the number of parts they produce”. They are particularly affected by production stops. Car manufacturers should make sure that important suppliers do not skid: “Otherwise, important links in the value chain could fall off again next year and there is a risk of further production losses.”

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