Strikes cause rail punctuality to collapse in September

Released on 11. 10. 2021

  • Wait for the train. Photo: Peter Kneffel

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If a train is more than six minutes late, it is considered to be late. This was particularly the case in September. But there was a very specific reason.

Berlin (dpa) – Because of the strikes of the train drivers’ union GDL last month, Deutsche Bahn has not been as punctual as it has been for a long time.

68, 4 percent of the long-distance trains were on the move in September without major delays, as the group reports. That was the lowest value for at least this year and the previous year. A train is considered unpunctual if it arrives at its destination more than six minutes late.

Due to a lower number of passengers in the Corona crisis and improved construction site management the punctuality of the long-distance trains had improved significantly in the past year: Almost 82 percent arrived on schedule. Thunderstorms and, most recently, the strikes caused the quota to fall in the current year.

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