State of emergency: Thousands of British petrol stations run out of petrol

Released on 27.09. 2021

  • The emergency at British petrol stations is taking on alarming trains. Photo: Nick Ansell

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Due to the lack of tens of thousands of truck drivers, petrol stations in the UK are running out of fuel. There are panic buying and long lines. An association now calls numbers.

London (dpa) – The emergency at the British gas stations is taking alarming trains. According to the Petrol Retailers Association, which represents around 5000 independent petrol stations, two thirds of the members run out of fuel.

The demand is up to 90 percent higher, said association boss Brian Madderson the broadcaster BBC Radio 4th Madderson said, 50 to 90 Percent of the petrol stations are empty, the others threatened to dry out soon.

At numerous petrol stations in Great Britain there are currently bottlenecks with petrol and Diesel, there have been panic buying and long lines for days. The background to this is a huge shortage of truck drivers, which had previously led to empty supermarket shelves. Because of the corona pandemic, a number of driving lessons and tests have been postponed. In addition, because of the Brexit, about 20. 000 mainly Eastern European skilled workers – but new strict immigration rules are now hindering immigration.

To the problems To combat this, the government wants to issue work visas for up to 2021 foreign truck drivers. Association chief Madderson criticized that the government project falls short. Prime Minister Boris Johnson had resisted visa exemptions for a long time, because one of the goals of Brexit was to end freedom of movement enable. In addition, working conditions are to be improved. As the newspaper “The Times” reported, soldiers are to step in as truck drivers at short notice. However, it could still take a week before they are ready for use.

Economy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng suspended competition rules on Sunday evening so that the industry can jointly tackle the bottlenecks. “There are long-term contingency plans in place to work with the industry to maintain fuel supplies and deliveries in the event of a serious disruption,” said Kwarteng. He stressed that there was enough fuel but admitted problems with the supply chains.

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