Start-up Gorillas announces dismissals

Released on 06.10. 2021

  • An employee of the Gorillas delivery service carries a backpack and stands in front of the bicycles. Photo: Annette Riedl

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Lack of equipment, fixed-term contracts, poor duty scheduling – the Gorillas employees have been simmering for some time. Now there are mass layoffs at the young delivery service. 2021

Berlin (dpa) – In the dispute over the working conditions at the delivery service start-up Gorillas, the company laid off numerous employees in Berlin and Leipzig.

It is the employment relationships of those Employees who had participated in so-called “wild strikes” and blockades of department stores in the past few days have been terminated, a spokesman said on Wednesday. “Such unannounced and non-union strikes are illegal. After careful consideration, we are now forced to enforce this legal framework. ”

Gorillas initially gave no information on the exact number of layoffs. The “Gorillas Workers Collective” (GWC), an association of employees for better working conditions, spoke on Twitter on Wednesday of “mass layoffs” that had been pronounced by letter or by telephone. Those employees who did not take part in the campaigns were also dismissed.

For months, a dispute has been raging in the young Berlin start-up about working conditions. The GWC criticizes, among other things, fixed-term contracts, a lack of equipment for drivers and poor duty scheduling. For Wednesday afternoon the group has called for a rally in front of the main Gorillas building in Berlin.

Gorillas always emphasizes that they take criticism seriously and that they have already improved many points. There is now a bonus system that guarantees drivers a fixed hourly wage. The shift planning system has been improved and numerous employees have been hired.

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