Sometimes there were still difficulties with 3G rules in buses and trains

Berlin (dpa) – The end of the journey and a high fine have been threatened since this Wednesday for every public transport passenger who cannot present a 3G proof during a control.

Everyone Anyone who travels by bus or train must therefore be vaccinated, recovered or tested. Despite numerous warnings about excessive demands on the control staff, at least Deutsche Bahn drew a positive conclusion at the start on Wednesday.

«Our control and security staff report high acceptance of the new 3G rules among our passengers», announced a spokeswoman. There were no problems. “Our impression is: the passengers are informed and have the evidence with them.” However, the group did not provide any figures on the controls and identified violations of the rules. It was not known how many passengers had to get off at the next station due to a lack of evidence.

Control of 400 connections

the day before Deutsche Bahn had announced that it would randomly check the 3G records on around 400 long-distance connections on the day the new Infection Protection Act came into force. To do this, the company employs trained security personnel as well as on-board and service personnel. In addition, the federal police can be called for help in the event of travel bans.

The rail competitor Flixmobility, which is known for its green long-distance trains and Flix buses, made a similar statement. According to initial feedback, the controls went largely smoothly, said a spokeswoman.

The amendment to the law was decided last week by the Bundestag and Bundesrat and has since been criticized from many sides. Transport associations and unions fear above all that the on-board personnel will be overwhelmed. “Many colleagues in local and regional transport as well as at the bus companies already feel overloaded and suffer from increased aggressiveness from some so-called passengers,” said Kristian Loroch, member of the board of the Railway and Transport Union (EVG), on Wednesday.

The Executive Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) also disapproved of the high fine of up to 2500 euros that threatens if the new rules are not observed on buses and trains. “This is absolute madness,” he said on “Bild live”. The SPD, Greens and FDP made a “huge mistake” that the risk of infection in public transport was low. “Now the countries will have to heal that,” said Scheuer. He accused the SPD, Greens and FDP at the same time of not doing enough to break the fourth corona wave. Stressed pandemic. “That is why, in addition to random checks by our staff, we also rely primarily on the participation of passengers in implementing the new legal rules,” he said.

Rules apply nationwide

The new rules apply nationwide in all public transport. Such a smooth start of the controls was not reported everywhere as with the railway. Some transport companies in Lower Saxony reported some problems.

“The lead time was extremely short,” said Björn Pamperin, spokesman for the Metronom railway company, with a view to the new regulations that were only presented at the end of last week. Many details of the implementation are still unclear. The fine is also causing difficulties, because: “We as a company are not allowed to levy such a fine,” said Pamperin. “It’s going better than expected, the people are well informed,” said a spokesman for the Berlin-Brandenburg transport association. As far as the association was aware, no one had been expelled from the bus or train by Wednesday afternoon. “The people understand,” said the spokesman. It was said that fewer people use public transport because of the 3G obligation.

The number of new corona infections in Germany has been rising rapidly again for a few weeks. The federal government had therefore incorporated a whole series of new rules into the Infection Protection Act. This also includes compulsory 3G at work.

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