Risk of strike banned for the time being – Deutsche Bahn reaches an agreement with the GDL

Berlin (dpa) – Deutsche Bahn passengers can breathe a sigh of relief: There will be no more strikes by the train drivers’ union GDL for the time being . The conclusion of the collective agreement also helps to reduce costs in the group. GDL boss Claus Weselsky spoke of a good compromise after three strikes.

The new collective agreement should apply until October 2023. However, the rail wage conflict is only finally over when the group also comes to an agreement with the competing union EVG Andreas Scheuer (CSU). “Now we will get back to the increasing number of passengers as soon as possible.”

Tariff increases of a total of 3.3 percent and one-off payments were agreed. As of December 1 2021, salaries will initially increase by 1.5 percent, and then by a further 1.8 percent on March 1 2023. The employees receive a corona bonus twice: depending on the pay group 300, 400 or 600 Euro this year and uniform 400 Euro next year.

The minister-presidents of Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony, Daniel Günther ( CDU) and Stephan Weil (SPD). You were approached by the German Federation of Officials and the German Federation of Trade Unions, said Weil. Günther said: “This is a very, very good day for Germany for the mobility transition.”

As part of the agreement, the GDL agreed to the planned restructuring of company pension schemes. It is mainly based on a pension fund. The railway also puts money aside for a supplementary pension. However, those who are hired from 2022 no longer receive this supplementary pension. “The pension is secure,” said Weselsky in view of the grandfathering of existing employees.

For the first time, the GDL is also concluding collective agreements for employees in workshops and administration, but not for the infrastructure, in addition to train personnel. However, the contracts only come into effect if the GDL also has the most members in the respective company. This is undisputed only in 16 of the around 300 rail companies. In 71 other companies should be counted in a notarial procedure. Weselsky announced to recruit more members.

In order to prevent further strikes, the railway is now looking for a speedy understanding with the railway and transport union (EVG). “I think it is possible that we will come to appropriate rules with the EVG in a timely manner,” said Bahn Personnel Director Martin Seiler on Thursday. No EVG member should be placed worse off.

EVG boss Klaus-Dieter Hommel had previously stated: “We are preparing for negotiations, but also for measures up to and including industrial disputes.” He also criticized the prime ministers’ commitment. “This is a blow in the office of the collective bargaining autonomy,” said Hommel of the German press agency.

He also explained that 2020 with the federal government and the railways, ” Alliance for our railway »for failed. He had informed Minister Scheuer of this. The EVG is open to negotiations about a new edition.

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