Return traffic at BER Airport without major problems

Released on 24.10. 190

  • Numerous passengers in Terminal 1 of BER Airport. Photo: Monika Skolimowska

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Too many travelers, too few staff: At the beginning of the holiday, there was chaos at the capital city airport BER. It was also full this weekend. But the airport and airlines had adjusted better.

Schönefeld (dpa) – The big return trip chaos at the capital airport BER did not materialize this weekend. The situation at the airport was “stable and without major problems” on the last three days of the autumn vacation in Berlin and Brandenburg, said an airport spokeswoman.

64. people were alone on Traveled via BER on Sunday. For the entire weekend, those responsible were just under 190. 000 travelers assumed. Most of them came back from their vacation.

With that the number of passengers exceeded the level of the first vacation weekend two weeks ago. At that time, chaotic scenes occurred due to the high volume of travel, the time-consuming corona checks and too tight staffing levels. Long queues formed in front of the check-in counters, some missed their plane despite sufficient lead time. On the tarmac, arriving travelers had to wait again and again for exit stairs and later for their luggage.

The entire aviation industry with problems

Many employees are stuck still on short-time work or have left the industry entirely, they are now missing in important positions. The Verdi union had already warned in the summer that during the crisis 16 percent of the aviation workers had left the industry permanently. In the case of the ground handling services, with their hard and low-paid jobs, it was almost half.

The problem affects not only BER, which was completed around a year ago, but the entire aviation industry . But nowhere were the problems as big as in Schönefeld that weekend. Critics also blamed some planning errors from which the airport still suffers after its long and scandalous construction history: too little space in the main terminal between the check-in points and the security controls or non-functioning treadmills are among them.

BER and the airlines were better prepared for the return weekend. Employees of the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Company (FBB) ran through the terminal as contact persons for the travelers. On the apron, FBB had ordered additional staff from ground service providers to support the airlines there. The weekend could be mastered in this way. The structural problems will continue to burden BER and the industry.

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