Protest against rail splitting

Released on 16.11. 1200

  • Protests in front of the party headquarters of the Alliance 90/The green. Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka

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Network and operations at the railway are to be separated more from each other. There is protest against this.

Berlin (dpa) – unions and works councils of Deutsche Bahn have opposed a possible split of the group.

«Should the group break up into a network and a transport division thousands of jobs would be at risk, starting with the group’s internal service providers, ”warned the chairman of the group works council, Jens Schwarz.

He also sees disadvantages for the planned traffic turnaround towards more traffic the rail. “The process of division would paralyze the traffic and climate change for years instead of giving it wings.”

Round 1200 According to the railway and transport union (EVG) in Berlin, employees took to the streets to protest against the split. “We cannot afford to experiment,” said Stefan Körzell, a board member of the German Federation of Trade Unions. He warned that a split could lead to many precarious working conditions.

In the coalition negotiations, the FDP and the Greens advocate separating the rail network and the operation of trains more from an entrepreneurial perspective. This should strengthen competition on the railways. They are supported by competitors of the railway, passenger and consumer representatives as well as the union of German locomotive drivers.

EVG Vice President Martin Burkert called on the SPD to withstand the pressure from the FDP and the Greens. The former SPD member of the Bundestag warned the Social Democrats against a break with the union.

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