Pig farmers welcome cheap pork deals

Released on 24.09. 2021

  • Pig farmers welcome the fact that Aldi and Lidl are promoting the purchase of pork with special offers. Photo: Carmen Jaspersen

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Pig meat prices have fallen dramatically since the outbreak of African swine fever. Two large food discounters have now announced special offers.

Damme (dpa) – The interest group of pig farmers in Germany (ISN) has welcomed the special offers for pork from some grocery chains. “This is an acute temporary relief measure”, the managing director of the ISN, Torsten Staack, in Damme in Lower Saxony.

After an industry meeting with Federal Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) in the announced last week that it would boost sales of pork from Germany with additional marketing campaigns.

The background is the extremely low producer prices that pig farmers get for their slaughtered cattle. According to Staack, the slaughter price is currently on average 1, 24 euros per kilo. «With each pig the fatteners are currently 25 to 70 Euro loss », said Staack.

The cold stores are full

After the outbreak of the African Swine fever (ASP) in Germany has lost many international sales markets for German pig farmers, especially the lucrative Chinese market. In addition, sales in Germany are lame because, due to the corona pandemic, there is still less consumption in the catering trade and due to the lack of major events. , The slaughterhouses were only able to reduce the number of animals for slaughter slowly. Large quantities of pork are now stored in cold stores. It is about reducing these meat stocks through special offers, said Staack. “In Germany, that is about the price.”

That does not contradict the tractor protests by farmers at the beginning of the year. At that time, farmers in many places across Germany blocked grocery chain stores to protest against dumping prices. In both cases, the farmers want to get an economically viable price for their products, said Staack.

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