Passenger numbers at half the pre-crisis level

Released on 09. 10. 2021

  • View from the visitor terrace at Berlin Airport to a plane taking off. Photo: Christoph Soeder

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The German airports are a bit more frequented again. But the number of passengers is still far below the pre-Corona level.

Berlin (dpa) – About half as many passengers are currently being processed at German airports as before the corona pandemic. In the 39. Calendar week (. September to October 3) were around 2.7 million Passengers counted, as the Airport Association ADV announced.

These were 51, 6 percent less than in the corresponding week 2019, but 158, 1 percent more than a year ago. Compared to the previous week are almost 51. 000 additional passengers have come, stated ADV Chief Executive Ralph Beisel. “The expectations are being confirmed and encouraging an October high in demand development.” The growth is concentrated on typical business destinations and airports in places where the autumn holidays have already started.

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