Package tours only for vaccinated and convalescent patients?

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – The travel offer for unvaccinated people could shrink in the corona pandemic. The first tour operators only take holidaymakers with them if they are fully vaccinated or have recovered (2G rule).

«More and more destinations are relying on the 2G rule, and more and more tour operators and cruise operators choose it », reports Norbert Fiebig, President of the DRV travel association. According to the FTI Group boss Ralph Schiller, the 2G rule could prevail in many hotels and travel destinations in the long term this is understandable, ”says Schiller. The tour operator of package tours wants to continue to offer trips as much as possible for vaccinated and convalescent people as well as those with negative tests (3G rule). “In our opinion, all guests should have a chance to travel to enjoy the best time out of the year,” argues the manager. “So far we have done very well with the 3G rule, high security and hygiene concepts and the call for a broad test infrastructure.” “In more and more countries, the hygiene regulations are currently tightening again due to the increasing corona numbers,” the study tour operator recently justified his decision. This applies both to entry into the countries and to access restrictions to sights, restaurants or shops. “In order to be able to guarantee our guests a smooth vacation trip, Studiosus also relies on the so-called 2G rule.” From October 1st 2021, participation in the trips is only possible for vaccinated and convalescent people.

At the beginning of July, the tourism group Alltours announced that adults would be in the group’s Allsun hotels From the end of October, they will only be accepted if they have a corona vaccination or proof of recovery. The step is part of his extensive hygiene and safety concept.

Industry leader Tui follows the specifications of the target areas. “We do not issue our own rules,” says a company spokesman. DER Touristik is also currently relying on the respective country specifications, which in most cases meant the so-called 3G rule. However, the company is checking whether offers are only made for vaccinated or recovered holidaymakers for selected types of travel.

Only vaccinated people are allowed on board many cruise ships anyway. In the coming winter, Tui Cruises is offering various cruises in warm climes, primarily for fully vaccinated vacationers. This already applies to various Tui Cruises ships in the current summer season, also because of the requirements of the countries that are called. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises announced that it will only take vaccinated adults with them from autumn. The convalescent status is considered analogous to the full vaccination protection. The Rostock cruise line Aida Cruises offers some trips on its winter schedule without exception to holidaymakers with corona vaccination.

Different corona regulations in different countries unsettle holidaymakers and cause the industry a headache. Norway, for example, requires proof of vaccination or recovery. Without this proof, entry is associated with test and quarantine obligations. Spain requires holidaymakers from Germany to have a full vaccination, proof of recovery or a negative test. From November, the USA will allow EU citizens, among others, to re-enter the country, but only with a full corona vaccination.

DRV President Fiebig calls for the most uniform provisions possible in the target areas and when entering the country – at least within the EU. “The currently existing patchwork quilt, but also the constant short-term changes, continue to cause uncertainty and lead to reluctance to book.”

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