Other utilities in Great Britain are giving up

Released on 14. 10. 2021

  • Great Britain is particularly hard hit by the increase in the world market gas price, because it hardly holds any gas in reserve. Photo: Marijan Murat

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Only at the beginning of last month nine energy suppliers had to file for bankruptcy because of the high gas prices. Now more are added.

London (dpa) – Because of the sharp rise in gas prices, two energy suppliers in Great Britain announced their end on Wednesday.

The approximately 250. 000 Customers of the companies Pure Planet and Colorado Energy are now being transferred to other energy providers by the supervisory authority Ofgem.

In addition to the high gas prices, the Pure Planet founders primarily blamed the British government’s price caps for private households for the failure of their company. “Energy suppliers have to pay for the difference between the record costs for gas in wholesale and what they are allowed to charge customers,” it said in a message.

In Great Britain, nine energy suppliers have had to file for bankruptcy because of the high gas prices since the beginning of September. The country is particularly badly affected by the rise in gas prices on the world market because it has hardly any gas in stock.

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