Opel parent company Stellantis with declines in turnover and sales

Released on 28.10. 2021

  • Stellantis has announced the figures for the 3rd quarter. Photo: Carlos Osorio

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Like other manufacturers, Opel parent Stellantis has great problems buying enough chips for car manufacturing. This also has consequences for the plants in Germany.

Amsterdam (dpa) – The new Opel parent company Stellantis sold significantly fewer cars in the third quarter of this year.

The number of vehicles delivered worldwide decreased compared to the same quarter of the previous year by 27 percent to 1, 13 Millions of pieces back, as the group merged from the Peugeot and Opel parent company PSA and Fiat Chrysler reported on Thursday in Amsterdam.

The world’s fourth largest car company was able to compensate for part of the decline through price increases and the sale of more expensive vehicles that were more frequently electric. Sales therefore only fell by 13 percent to 32, 6 billion euros. In addition, the company and its dealers have significantly reduced their stocks – from just under 1.2 million vehicles in September 2020 to now 689. 000.

Stellantis did not provide any information on the profit or sales of the German brand Opel. The expanded European business, on which Opel is focused, ran worse than in the entire group. The quarterly sales decreased by 36 percent to 470.000 Cars back and the turnover by 21 percent to 11, 6 billion euros. For comparison, the values ​​of the predecessor PSA and Fiat-Chrysler from the same quarter of the previous year were used.

Lack of chips affects production

The The international shortage of semiconductors has slowed production, as with other car manufacturers. According to its own information, Stellantis was able to achieve around 600. 000 do not build planned cars. This has already had consequences for the German site in Eisenach, where the employees were sent on short-time work until the end of the year Closure of the tool shop at the end of the year. IG Metall is also resisting the separation of the production plants from the German Opel company.

Stellantis expects fewer production losses in the coming months. «The trend is positive. We see a stabilization in supply and an improvement in production month-on-month, ”said CFO Richard Palmer. The loss of production due to missing parts at the end of the year will no longer be as high as in the months of July to September.

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