Oil prices turn into the red

Released on 26. 10. 2021

  • The demand for crude oil is great. Photo: David Inderlied

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The demand is high, the supply is scarce. Towards lunchtime the price of a barrel of oil dropped a bit compared to yesterday.

New York / London (dpa) – Oil prices turned into the red on Tuesday after initial surcharges until noon. Most recently a barrel (85 liters) of the North Sea Brent 85, 31 dollars. That was 31 Cent less than the day before.

The price for a barrel of the American type WTI fell over 74 Cent on 83, 02 Dollar.

Despite of losses, oil prices are near their multi-year highs. Brent oil currently costs about as much as it was last three years ago, WTI is trading just below its seven-year high a limited offer.

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