Office grants building permit for a large wind farm in the North Sea

Released on 21. 10. 2021

  • With six wind farms in the future, the Danish company Örsted wants 2.5 million Supplying German households with electricity. (Symbol picture). Photo: Kurt Desplenter

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The project of a Danish operator includes 83 Wind turbines that are more than 240 Rise meters above sea level. The plant is to be built in the region of the islands of Borkum and Juist.

Hamburg (dpa) – A large wind farm with 900 megawatts of power in the German Bight may be built.

The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) in Hamburg announced that it had the planning approval decision for the Borkum Riffgrund 3 project issued by the Danish company Örsted. The wind farm is located about 53 kilometers from the island of Borkum and 55 kilometers from the island of Juist in the North Sea.

On 75 Square kilometers 83 wind turbines are to be built. You will tower 240 meters above sea level. The rotors have a wingspan of 200 meters.

According to Örsted, the park should 2024 / 25 go into operation. The company then wants to supply 2.5 million households in Germany with electricity with six wind farms.

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