No diesel process – Opel pays a fine of millions

Released on 19.10. 2021

  • Opel pays a fine of 64, 8 million euros. Photo: Andreas Arnold

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The car manufacturer Opel no longer has to reckon with a process due to manipulated exhaust gas values. The group paid a fine in the millions.

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – The car manufacturer Opel has fined 64, 8 million in the diesel scandal Euros accepted. The Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office imposed the fine because several Opel diesel models emitted significantly higher levels of pollutants than the Federal Motor Transport Authority stated Preliminary proceedings against Opel “for violation of documentation obligations” when approving the diesel models with a corresponding fine. This has now been paid, the spokeswoman said. There will therefore not be a process based on the Volkswagen model at Opel. First the “Hessischer Rundfunk” reported.

The proceedings against six responsible managers were discontinued because of minor guilt or against payment of conditions. Opel attaches great importance to the determination that the notice of the fine does not contain any accusation of an intentional act or a criminal offense, in particular no fraud. “It also does not contain a statement of an illegal defeat device,” said a company spokesman. Opel is still fundamentally convinced that all vehicles have complied with the legal requirements at all times.

The investigation was initiated by the German Environmental Aid Association. 2018 the Federal Motor Transport Authority imposed a mandatory recall on Opel models that had emitted significantly higher levels of pollutants on the road. Opel reacts with a changed software.

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