New registrations: hybrid electric drive for the first time before diesel

Released on 22. 10. 2021

  • A car with a plug-in hybrid drive is charging in Berlin at a charging station. Photo: Christoph Soeder

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The market share of hybrid and all-electric cars in the EU is still comparatively small. In terms of new registrations, however, there is an upswing for vehicles with hybrid electric drive.

Brussels (dpa) – Around every fifth car buyer in the European Union opted for a vehicle with a hybrid electric drive in the third quarter. For the first time, these were more sought-after than diesel cars, as the European manufacturers’ association Acea announced in Brussels on Friday Approved on hybrid vehicles, especially in Germany, Italy and France. Corresponding 455.000 vehicles or a market share of just under 18 percent. Plug-in hybrids and pure electric cars each make up about 10 percent of new registrations. The share of diesel vehicles is just under 18 percent.

Most of the newly registered vehicles are still gasoline-powered, although the trend continues to decline: In the third quarter almost 855. 500 Vehicles with such a drive are permitted, which is a minus of 35 Corresponds to percent. The proportion of gasoline-powered vehicles slipped below 35 percent.

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