New plant in Emsland supplies climate-neutral kerosene

Werlte (dpa) – A new facility in Emsland is intended to open the door to climate neutrality for the aviation industry. Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) opened a plant for the production of CO2-neutral kerosene in Werlte on Monday can produce. “With the right framework conditions, electricity-based liquid aviation fuels can now find their way from the laboratory to the market,” said Schulze.

For Germany and for partners, the technology offers economic opportunities. “Germany is a leader in plant engineering, other countries have a lot of wind and sun. If we now show that this technology works, it will also create new export opportunities for plant construction, “emphasized the minister.

” Climate-friendly mobility is an extremely important element of climate protection as a whole, “declared Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in a video message. According to her, the federal government, states and the aviation industry want to ensure a market ramp-up for these fuels. The climate-neutral fuel is currently still very expensive and production capacities are limited. Until the year 2030, however, 200. 000 tons of green kerosene should be produced annually. “They’re sending out an important signal here today,” said Merkel.

The plant produces fuel for aircraft synthetically from water, renewable electricity from wind turbines from the surrounding area, waste CO2 from food residues from a biogas plant and CO2 from the ambient air. The technical term for the technology is “Power to Liquid” (PtL).

Dietrich Brockhagen, managing director of the operator, the non-profit climate protection organization Atmosfair from Berlin, emphasized that there are no plants specifically for the production of the green fuel would have to be cultivated, electricity from renewable sources is still being taken from the energy market. The plant draws its electricity for hydrogen production from an old neighboring wind farm that has already fallen out of the EEG subsidy Day lie. The first customer is Lufthansa, the delivery is to Hamburg Airport.

At least 25. 000 liters of PtL fuel will be supplied to Lufthansa Group will decrease annually over the next five years and make it available to customers, the company announced. Currently, Lufthansa is the largest buyer of sustainably produced aviation fuel in Europe, said Christina Foerster, member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. Synthetic fuels from renewable energies are the kerosene of the future. They enabled CO2-neutral air traffic.

The new facility has also met with approval from the environmental organization Greenpeace, said its traffic expert Benjamin Stephan. But, according to him, climate-neutral fuel alone cannot solve the airlines’ climate problem. Two thirds of the climate damage is caused by contrails at high altitudes. Flights within Germany and on shorter European routes should therefore be suspended immediately. The next federal government must campaign for this.

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