New Italian airline Ita launched

Rome (dpa) – New name and fresh paint job: After the end of Alitalia, Italy’s new airline Ita immediately renamed itself at the start. The airline is now called “ITA Airways”, CEO Fabio Lazzerini said at a press conference on Friday.

Today, it was not an Italian airline that was born, but the Italian airline, Lazzerini continued. In the morning, the first Ita plane took off from Milan Linate Airport in the direction of Bari. Alitalias 74 – year-long history ended on Thursday night with the last landing in Rome.

Ita had on Thursday for 90 million euros bought the Alitalia brand and the rights for the domain of the website, as an Ita spokeswoman confirmed. The old traditional airline had not previously received any offers for the offer of 290 million euros that potential buyers would have had to raise. Assumptions circulated in the press that Ita would continue to be called Alitalia.

Ita had bought Alitalia’s aviation inventory for the price of one euro, explained Ita President Alfredo Altavilla. Of course, this was not that little value, the price would have been based on what Ita had to spend in order to be able to fly efficiently from day one.

On Friday, according to the company, 191 Flights on the plan. The state-owned airline controls the German airports in Frankfurt am Main and Munich, among others. Ita Airways also wants to optically become Italy’s airline. A model view showed a blue airplane. Blue, in Italian “Azzurro”, is also the color in which Italy’s athletes, such as the national soccer team (Squadra Azzurra), play. The rudder and the logo are in the colors of the Italian flag green, white and red.

One day after the last Alitalia landing on Friday, former employees at Rome Fiumicino Airport demonstrated how the Ansa news agency reported. The airline had been in a crisis for years. 2017 the state had to step in when the company went bankrupt. Hundreds of millions of euros in aid could not save the airline, which is considered symbolic of Italy. The conditions for the establishment of Ita were agreed with the EU. It is considered the successor to Alitalia, but according to the EU Commission it is not its economic successor.

The new airline plans to start this year with 52 to operate machines and a workforce of approximately 2800 people. She also wants to lease 31 machines of the new generation for long, medium and short haul flights from the aircraft manufacturer Airbus. The focus is on business and leisure customers. In the coming years the fleet should grow so that Ita 2025 flies 105 machines and employs up to 5700 people . At their hubs in Rome-Fiumicino and Milan-Linate, however, they had to surrender parts of the take-off and landing rights of the old Alitalia.

Some see the take-off as critical. The company’s plan has no perspective, according to the Cub Trasporti union. It is unclear how Ita intends to use the aircraft it has bought without essential market shares. The union expects heavy economic losses in the next two years. According to President Altavilla, Ita wants 2023 to break even.

In recent years, Alitalia has fallen short of budget airlines on the Italian and European markets Pressure, as aviation expert Ugo Arrigo described in a presentation for the foreign press in Rome. Ita faces the same problem. On the long-haul route, the airline is also weakly positioned with only seven instead of 26 machines like Alitalia. Ita Airways emphasized that the start had been adapted to the current market situation.

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