New car transporters are struggling to survive

Released on 14.10. 2021

  • A freight train with new cars drives over the Marienbrücke in Dresden. Photo: Robert Michael

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There has been a lack of microchips for a long time, and this is a huge problem for vehicle manufacturers. Meanwhile it is said that the industry is fighting for survival.

Brussels (dpa) – Transporters of new cars fear for their existence in the face of difficulties in the car industry.

According to the Association of European Vehicle Logistics (ECG), the background is the lack of Microchips that have been bothering vehicle manufacturers for a long time.

“The industry is struggling to survive for a predictably third bad year in a row and needs the support of the automotive industry,” said Association President Wolfgang Göbel before the start the ECG annual conference on Thursday in Brussels. According to its own information, the association just represents 140 companies, including the freight transport subsidiary of the railways, DB Cargo.

The represented companies take care of the transport of vehicles via motorways, rails or by ship. In the automotive industry there are currently production stops and shift failures because semiconductors are missing.

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