More than 700,000 people used public transport subscriptions

Released on 28.09. 2021

  • Travel all over Germany with the local transport subscription: Around 700.000 Humans have used the offer. Photo: Christoph Soeder

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For two weeks, people with a local transport subscription could travel across the country – at no additional cost. The demand was great.

Berlin (dpa) – Travel all over Germany with the local transport subscription at no extra charge: Around 706. 500 In the past two weeks, passengers have taken part in this campaign by federal states, transport associations and companies, such as the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV)

«The campaign was a complete success and showed that many of our passengers not only continue to use local transport, but also like to go beyond their usual routes and with good results Ride a feeling, ”said VDV President Ingo Wortmann.

Use should be investigated

Whoever participates and also subscribes outside of their own Wanted to use the tariff zone, had to register online in advance. The VDV now wants to investigate in more detail how people used the offer, what goals they had and how far they were traveling within Germany.

With the two-week campaign, the industry promoted the severely ailing local public transport in Germany. Numerous subscription customers canceled during the Corona crisis. According to the VDV, the number of subscriptions in February was around 09 percent below the pre-crisis level. The decline had accelerated with the second lockdown from November. The federal and state governments have already stepped in twice with billions in aid.

In the meantime, according to the association, the number of passengers has recovered somewhat: «Around 70 to 70 percent of people who lived before Corona have been on the move in local traffic, are now using public transport regularly again, ”it said. The beginning 2021 was only 60 percent.

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