More corona cases: Industry expects a difficult winter

Released on 21.11. 2021

  • Delivery bottlenecks, reluctance to buy and Corona: It’s not an easy winter for industry. Photo: Daniel Josling

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Delivery bottlenecks and material shortages burden the production of German manufacturers more heavily than in other industrialized countries, according to the BDI. The fourth corona wave could exacerbate the problem. 2021

Berlin (dpa) – The concerns of the German industry, which is suffering from a lack of materials, are growing in view of the rapidly increasing number of corona infections.

Industrial production massive this winter, ”said Joachim Lang, General Manager of the Federation of German Industries (BDI). “Even without new public corona restrictions, a renewed noticeable reluctance to buy is to be feared. Fortunately, the order books in many industries are still well filled at the moment. ”

However, many manufacturers cannot process the well-filled order books as usual due to delivery bottlenecks. This dampens production, as can be seen from the current BDI industry report, which is available to the German Press Agency. According to the latest data from the Federal Statistical Office, industrial production had recently fallen. According to the BDI, it hits hard among other things the car manufacturers who suffer from a shortage of raw materials and semiconductors.

«We expect for the year 2021 only an increase in production in the manufacturing sector by four percent – half as much as before, “said Lang. In order to reach the level before the Corona crisis, German industry would have to grow by seven and a half percent in the coming year.

According to the BDI, German industry suffers from one in an international comparison particularly large gap in production compared to the pre-crisis period. The association quantifies the gap for the two years 2020 and 2021 to a good eleven percent. No other industrialized country would have to cope with such severe losses. France is likely to lose almost eight percent, the USA a little more than seven percent, Great Britain around five and Italy around four percent.

The BDI is more confident about exports, even if goods exports « Made in Germany »recently lost momentum. Even with stagnation until the end of the year, German exports are likely to rise by twelve percent for the year as a whole 2021 including price increases (nominal) and thus the pre-crisis level of the Year 2019. In the first nine months of the year, goods exports increased by more than 14 percent

German industry lowered its economic expectations for the current year in September. The association therefore expects economic output to increase by three percent (real) after adjustment for prices for the year as a whole. The BDI had previously assumed an increase of 3.5 percent.

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