Missing truck drivers: London relaxes delivery rules

Released on 15.10. 1000

  • A truck entering the grounds of the port of Liverpool. Photo: Dave Rushen

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Up to .00 Truck driver. The measures taken by the UK government to alleviate this deficiency are highly controversial.

London (dpa) – In the fight against the blatant shortage of truck drivers, the British government wants to loosen the working rules for foreign workers and expand so-called cabotage.

In the future, foreign freight forwarders should in Great Britain are allowed to pick up and unload goods within two weeks, as Transport Minister Grant Shapps announced on Friday. “That corresponds roughly to 100 additional truck drivers on the roads, but we don’t have to issue visas to do that”, Shapps told Sky News. So far, only two domestic stops per week are allowed.

Both the British freight forwarders association RHA and the European trade union FNV reacted indignantly. RHA manager Rod McKenzie called the idea populist. “The government wants to save Christmas and wants it to be seen as a Christmas saver,” McKenzie told BBC Radio 4. But in return, British entrepreneurs would be weakened. “We don’t want cabotage to sabotage our industry,” McKenzie said. Edwin Atema from the FNV, which represents truck drivers in the EU, told the broadcaster that with the move the government legalized the exploitation of truckers. “Lifting the cabotage rules will not help, it just pours more fuel on the fire of an industry that is already broken,” said Atema approximately 100.000 Truck driver. The reasons are varied: As in Germany, the jobs are usually poorly paid, but exhausting. The infrastructure is bad, many young people and many women see no incentives. In Great Britain, however, a further complication is that new, strict Brexit immigration rules are making the influx of skilled workers more difficult. The British government insists that it wants to stop the unchecked immigration of cheap workers and build a high-wage country. However, under the impression of empty supermarket shelves and gas stations as well as container jams at ports, the government promised up to 5000 work visas for foreign drivers.

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