Milka argues with a London-based snack manufacturer

Released on 03.10. 2021

  • A snack in purple packaging from Primal Pantry. In the battle for purple supremacy, the industry giant Milka has taken on the small snack manufacturer in London. Photo: –

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Who has the purple highness in the confectionery department? «We», thinks the industry giant Milka and takes on a British snack manufacturer who also offers a purple product.

London (dpa) – In the fight for purple supremacy, the industry giant Milka has created a small snack manufacturer in London.

The reason is that the British Company Primal Pantry also offers sweet bars in purple packaging – but in a more delicate shade than the typical Milka cow purple.

«In Europe we have the trademark rights for the characteristic Milka Color for food products, ”said a British spokeswoman for the US Milka parent company Mondelez when asked by the German press agency. Whenever you notice that other companies are using protected brand elements, you get in touch with them.

According to reports, there was even a legal dispute at times. “The current situation is that Mondelez is actually negotiating with us,” said a representative of the chocolate manufacturer Primal Pantry. “We disagree about whether the color is the same.” However, the company could not afford to embark on an expensive legal battle against the group. “I can’t say that we already have an agreement, but at least we have a dialogue,” it said.

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