Microchip shortage causes downtime in the VW main plant

Released on 29.09. 2021

  • A Volkswagen employee in the Transparent Factory in Dresden. Photo: Sebastian Kahnert

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The auto industry suffers from a shortage of semiconductor components. This again leads to short-time working at VW in Wolfsburg.

Wolfsburg (dpa) – The ongoing supply crisis for important electronic components such as microchips is leading to renewed production downtimes and short-time working at the Wolfsburg headquarters at Volkswagen At the end of this week, restrictions were factored in well into October, as the company announced on Wednesday.

On Friday 10.) only one Golf assembly line is to be operated in the early shift. In the next and the week after next (4. 09. To 15. 10.) there will probably be “Complete short-time work” – a single day (14. 10.) excepted. The ┬źBraunschweiger Zeitung┬╗ had previously reported on the updated plans.

The lack of supply of semiconductor components is currently a major problem in the entire automotive industry. Suppliers such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz or the commercial vehicle divisions of Volkswagen and Daimler are also affected. After contracts with chip producers that were prematurely terminated or quantities were cut in the Corona sales depression in the middle 2020, urgently needed parts are now missing in many places.

Large numbers of vehicles could not be finished, “heaps” are forming. This is compounded by its own capacity bottlenecks in the semiconductor industry.

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