Massive data theft from Twitch streaming platform

Released on 07.10. 2021

  • The streaming platform Twitch has been the victim of a major data theft. Photo: Nicolas Armer

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Twitch is best known as a platform on which gamers broadcast their video game history live. A massive data leak could pose serious problems for the service purchased from Amazon.

Seattle (dpa) – The streaming platform Twitch has been the victim of a major data theft. A stranger published a data package on the network that, according to him, contains the entire programming code of the service.

The Amazon subsidiary confirmed unauthorized data access on Wednesday, but initially did not comment on the authenticity the content. They are working hard to understand the extent, said Twitch on Twitter.

Twitch is mainly used by gamers to broadcast the progress of video games live. The platform produced its own stars that have a lot of viewers.

Data and programming codes published

The published data also includes lists the alleged earnings of the Twitch streamers. Above all, however, the exposure of the entire technical platform could have dangerous consequences. “Since source texts have also been leaked, it can be assumed that these are now being searched for further vulnerabilities by other cyber criminals,” said Rüdiger Trost from the IT security company F-Secure. “It is to be expected that more hacks will probably follow the platform,” he therefore warned.

The published data showed, among other things, a large income gap between the most prominent Twitch streamers, the accordingly earn some hundreds of thousands of dollars, and less popular users. Several streamers confirmed on Twitter that the leaked information about their income was correct.

The published programming code also contained references to an as yet unpublished competing service for the popular gaming platform Steam and even internal ones Software tools used to simulate hacker attacks on Twitch. “Jeff Bezos paid 970 millions of dollars for it,” wrote the person behind the leak on the 4Chan platform with a swipe at the Amazon boss. “With us it’s free.”

The “Platformer” blog asked previous Twitch developers about the leak. Among other things, they reported that the platform had hardly taken any precautions internally against the downloading of large amounts of software code by employees. Although Amazon, which is known for strong IT security, has already bought Twitch 2014, the platform is still operated with its own security measures it was also said.

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