Market researcher: Chip bottlenecks slow down PC sales

Released on 12.10. 2021

  • Looking into a computer. The industry is struggling with a pronounced shortage of chips. Photo: Jenny Kane

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The great shortage of chips is slowing down many branches of the economy. It is also giving the global PC market a hard time. Experts are certain: the shortage will continue for a while.

Needham / Stamford (dpa) – According to market researchers, the global chip shortage and logistics problems triggered by the corona pandemic are slowing down PC sales. The difficulties remained in the past few months, said analyst Jitesh Ubrani from the market research company IDC on Monday. because notebook sales suffered from chip shortages. The Gartner experts assume that the shortage will continue into the first half of the year 2022. Gartner analyst Mikako Kitagawa said that with the increasing removal of corona restrictions, private users would again be spending more money on things other than computers.

Gartner and IDC determined slightly different sales figures for the past quarter. According to IDC, there was an increase of 3.9 percent to 86, 65 Millions of devices. Gartner determined a one percent increase to 65, 15 Millions of computers. The difference is not unusual and is due to different data sources and, in some cases, different limitations of the PC category.

In the quarters after the start of the pandemic, PC sales rose sharply, IDC and Gartner repeatedly determined growth rates of around 12 percent and sometimes up to a third. With working and learning from home during the Corona crisis, companies and consumers increasingly bought new computers, especially notebooks came to just under 15 percent in the third quarter. HP, Dell and Apple follow.

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