Many charging points applied for – few in operation

Released on 08.10. 2021

  • Here you can fill up with electricity: A sign indicates parking spaces with charging facilities for electric cars. Photo: Hendrik Schmidt

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There is still a lack of implementation – many of the points requested for charging electric cars are not yet available. The Association of the Automotive Industry criticizes the procedure as too bureaucratic.

Berlin (dpa) – Customers should be able to charge their e-cars in the parking lots of supermarkets, hotels or restaurants. Six months after the start of a funding program for charging points at such locations, according to the Federal Ministry of Transport, good 3300 applications have been received.

The previous funding volume is 180 million euros. From the point of view of the automotive industry, however, it takes too long before the charging points are actually installed. “The main reason is too much bureaucracy,” said the industry association VDA.

The ministry did not give a specific number on Friday. “The first charging points, the construction of which was supported within the framework of this funding guideline, are already in operation,” was all it said. How many of the 3300 applications were approved remained open. The Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) is assuming a single-digit percentage.

Various causes of delays

Overall, the program “On-site charging infrastructure »300 Millions of euros ready. So far, another program that subsidizes homeowners for private installation at home has led to significantly more charging points. With the help of the guideline «charging infrastructure in residential buildings», according to official figures, until the end of August 135. 000 private charging points have been put into operation.

«Project to build publicly accessible Charging infrastructures, especially with fast charging stations, are much more complex, ”said the ministry. In addition to technical reasons, this results from the necessary approval procedures and the establishment of the network connections. These are frequent causes of delays. “It cannot be that bureaucracy slows down the transformation,” said VDA Managing Director Joachim Damasky.

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