London Fashion Week: Buy less, more secondhand

Released on 22.09. 2021

  • The British fashion market is one of the most important in the world. Photo: Jonathan Brady

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According to a study, trend-driven fashion needs every year 98 Millions of tons of non-renewable resources – a system change is necessary. The London Fashion Week wants to react now.

London (dpa) – With an appeal for more sustainable buying behavior in clothing, the organizers of the London Fashion Week have campaigned for a stronger contribution to climate protection.

The head of British Fashion Council (BFC), Caroline Rush, made businesses and consumers equally responsible at the end of the event. Customers should only buy half as much clothing and companies should offer a lot less. Rather, they should rely more on secondhand in order to reduce the huge ecological footprint of the industry, said Rush on Wednesday.

A study by the Institute of Positive Fashion of the BFC comes to the result, that trend-driven fashion requires 92 millions of tons of non-renewable resources every year and 92 Millions of tons of waste produced. A system change is necessary to prevent waste from being generated within the supply chain. In addition, a far too large part of the production ends up in the bin, the report continues. According to the calculations, 60 percent of clothing sold in the UK is imported, plus 60 Percentage of used textiles exported.

The study’s authors emphasized that even with significantly lower sales up to 2035 hundreds of thousands of jobs could be created by creating a circular model of secondhand, loan, subscription and repair.

The UK fashion market is one of the most important in the world. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, according to the BFC 137. 000 Employ a turnover of 118 Billion pounds (137 billion euros).

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