Last plane of Italy's airline Alitalia landed

Released on 15. 10. 2021

  • With the end, the Alitalia brand is also to be sold. Photo: Antonio Calanni

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Alitalia was the national symbol of Italy. For years she was unable to free herself from her economic crisis. The employees are heading for an uncertain future.

Rome (dpa) – For the last time a plane of the Italian airline Alitalia landed. According to the Rome-Fiumicino airport, the plane from the Sardinian Cagliari landed on Thursday shortly after 23. 15 Clock with a little delay in the capital.

This is the end of the 74 years History of the traditional airline. The Italia Trasporto Aereo (Ita) wants to start on Friday. It is considered to be the successor to Alitalia, but according to the EU Commission it is not its economic successor.

Alitalia has been in crisis since the noughties and has not been driving for a long time Win more. 2017 the bankruptcy followed and the Italian state had to intervene. Bridging aid totaling around 74 million euros could not get the airline back on its feet. In the Corona crisis, the company was dependent on help so that operations could continue.

In addition, the Italian airline, from the point of view of experts, faced strong competition from the low-price sector . In the past weeks and months, Alitalia employees have also protested again and again because Ita wants to go to the start with fewer staff and fewer aircraft and many people therefore did not get jobs there. Many Alitalia employees also received their salaries late. The result of the protests were mostly many canceled flights.

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