Lack of fuel: British Army on standby

Released on 28.09. 2021

  • The British government wants to end the shortage of truck drivers. Photo: Andrew Milligan
  • “No Fuel” is the motto at many petrol pumps in the UK. Photo: Jon Super
  • The emergency at British petrol stations is taking on alarming trains . Photo: Nick Ansell


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Panic buying is causing empty gas stations in Great Britain. There are no truck drivers to provide supplies. The military should now step in.

London (dpa) – In view of the fuel crisis in Great Britain, the government in London had army truck drivers ready. These should be prepared to supply gas stations, it said in a statement on Tuesday night.

In the UK, many gas stations are currently on dry land. The background to this is the lack of truck drivers, which has already led to gaps in supermarket shelves. Since some gas stations had to close last week due to the shortage of drivers, there has been panic buying. Long queues form in front of gas stations.

End in sight?

Economics Minister Kwasi Kwarteng emphasized that demand would rise in the coming days return to normal levels. Nevertheless, it is right to take precautions. “If necessary, the deployment of military personnel will temporarily provide the supply chain with additional capacity to alleviate the pressure caused by local fluctuations in demand,” said Kwarteng.

Several oil companies had called on people on Monday to end panic buying. There is enough fuel in the country. They also assume that the pressure on the petrol stations will decrease in the coming days because many cars are already full.

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