Korean chip manufacturer SK Hynix achieves record sales

Released on 26.10. 2021

  • The chip manufacturer SK Hynix is ​​still flying high. Photo: Ahn Young-Joon

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Chips are currently in short supply. This has an extreme effect on the sales of the South Korean Apple supplier SK Hynix.

Seoul (dpa) – The South Korean Apple supplier SK Hynix expects a dynamic development after the chip boom of the past few months global supply chains, the business development of the past quarter illustrates the continued dynamic growth of the memory chip industry, ”said Hynix manager Kevin Noh according to the announcement. which drove prices up. The industry is therefore expanding its capacities. In addition, customers are now likely to try to hoard semiconductors. Experts are therefore already anticipating falling demand and falling prices.

However, Hynix is ​​relying on continued high demand in the course of digitization. The demand in the server market is high, and cloud and data services should grow into the coming year, the management said. The expansion of the 5G mobile network is also providing a tailwind.

The high demand brought Hynix record sales of 11, 8 trillion South Korean won (EUR 8.7 billion). That was 14 percent more than in the already strong second quarter. Operating profit increased by more than half to just under 4.2 trillion won. The bottom line was that the company earned two-thirds more, with a good 3.3 trillion won.

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