KfW study: the number of start-ups has decreased significantly

Released on 28. 09. 2021

  • The number of start-ups during the corona year is 2020 in Germany. Photo: Jens Kalaene

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Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – The corona crisis has clearly slowed down the start-up scene in Germany. According to the KfW development bank, the number of innovation or growth-oriented young companies in the year 2020 rose to 47. 000 after she was in the two previous years at 70. 000.

“In an environment characterized by high levels of uncertainty, the number of newly founded start-ups could not compensate for the fundamentally high closure rate in this segment,” said KfW Bankengruppe in Frankfurt.

Looking ahead, KfW chief economist Fritzi K√∂hler-Geib expressed herself confidently: “The corona crisis has 70 may leave traces on start-ups, but we assume that after this exceptional year the start-up scene will develop as quickly as in previous years. “

KfW defines a start-up as a company that was f years ago and the founders work there on a full-time basis. The characteristic of such companies is that they are innovative or want to grow strongly.

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