Johnson against cheap labor from abroad

Released on 03.10. 2021

  • A note with the words “Sorry, no petrol available” is posted at a gas station in Bracknell. Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not want to relax immigration rules despite the ongoing fuel crisis. Photo: Steve Parsons

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The British Prime Minister hopes that the shortage of skilled workers in the country will boost salaries and productivity. But the ongoing crisis threatens to overshadow the conservative party congress.

Leeds (dpa) – Great Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not want to relax the immigration rules despite the ongoing fuel crisis. Johnson said on the eve of his Conservatives’ start of the party on Sunday in Manchester.

Because of the shortage of truck drivers, motorists in Great Britain are currently having great difficulties getting gasoline or diesel. Long queues form in front of the petrol stations, and many of them are no longer available. The fuel crisis threatens to overshadow the Tory conference.

“What we don’t want is to go back to a situation where the logistics industry relies on a lot of cheap immigration”, said Johnson while visiting a hospital in Leeds on Saturday. The consequence of this is that “wages do not rise and the quality of jobs does not increase”. The UK economy must end its dependence on poorly paid foreign workers in order to become a “well-paid, well-educated, highly productive economy.”

Estimates suggest that the UK is currently lacking about . 000 Truck driver. This has already led to empty shelves in supermarkets. There is also a significant shortage of skilled workers in other sectors, such as the meat industry. Workers from the eastern EU countries have emigrated in large numbers since the British decided to leave the community of states.

In the short term, London wants to use foreign skilled workers. In order to get the fuel shortage under control, the government announced on Saturday that it would extend the deadlines for the work visas already planned. Visas for 300 tankers should be issued immediately and valid until March.

Overall, from the end of October 5000 foreign truckers are to be lured into the country for a limited period. Instead of Christmas, they should now be able to stay until February. However, associations on the continent doubt whether the limited offer will meet with interest from Polish and other Eastern European drivers.

As of Monday, around 200 British military personnel, including 100 Truck drivers help distribute fuel. The government also sent a million letters to truck drivers asking them to return to the trucking profession. Among the addressees were reportedly thousands of Germans living in Great Britain who had got their car driving license before the year 1999 – but never drove a truck. The class 3 driving license issued at the time also applies to smaller trucks up to 7.5 tons.

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