Jetpack Aviation’s flying motorcycle set to hit the market in 2023

Having already been talked about two years ago, the Speeder should really make its appearance on the market. After satisfactory testing, Jetpack Aviation quickly opened up pre-orders, but the price of the device in question is quite astronomical.

A flying motorcycle available in two versions

Taxis and other flying cars suggest the development of future urban air traffic. However, flying motorcycles could eventually also become a component of this traffic. However, projects beyond the prototype stage are very rare. The company Jetpack Aviation which, as its name suggests, is an expert in backbone reactors (jetpacks) should however market its flying motorcycle in 2023. As explained in a publication of Robb Reports on August 12, 2021, Jetpack Aviation carried out conclusive tests for his Speeder motorcycle which will be available in two models.

The brand’s website bears witness to the opening of pre-orders at a very high entry price: around € 320,000. Pre-orders, however, are only for the Recreational Speeder. This less powerful model can be piloted without a flight license. Nonetheless, David Mayman, CEO of Jetpack Aviation, said another larger model, the Military / Commercial Speeder, will be reserved for much more experienced pilots.

flying motorcycle speederCredit: Jetpack Aviation

Speed ​​and other characteristics

For the technical part, the Speeder takes over the operation of a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft. However, the stabilization of the motorcycle in flight is the result of software that Jetpack Aviation has specially developed for the occasion. The device will also have a stand-alone mode, the aim of which is to reassure inexperienced users. We also mention the presence of a 12-inch navigation screen as well as a radio system.

The Recreational Speeder should reach a top speed of 96 km / h for a range of just fifteen minutes. Jetpack Aviation has not yet given any information on a possible future improvement of this same range. As for the Military / Commercial Speeder, there is talk of a maximum speed of 240 km / h for a flight range of between 10 and 22 minutes.

If a commercialization is planned for 2023, Jetpack Aviation wishes for the moment to continue its tests in order to obtain its final product by the end of the year 2022. In addition to the general public, the company is also targeting aviation, transport , the army and the emergency services. Finally, as in 2019 during the first presentation of the Speeder, the details concerning the flight authorizations are still a mystery. Jetpack Aviation had at the time claimed that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had validated its aircraft, without giving further information.

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