Italy's consumers will have part of the energy bill waived

Released on 23.09. 2021

  • Electricity is getting more and more expensive. Photo: Sina Schuldt

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The prices for electricity and gas are rising rapidly. Now the Italian government is helping consumers and is making billions for it.

Rome (dpa) – In view of the steep rise in electricity and gas prices, the Italian government has given consumers the prospect of cost reductions for the rest of the year.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced indicates that part of the gas bill does not have to be paid in the last quarter 2021. Families and small businesses would also have parts of the electricity bill waived.

Low-wage earners also receive a larger subsidy for energy costs than before, as the head of government said in a speech by the industrial association Confindustria.

According to Draghi, the aid costs the Italian state more than three billion euros. Without political intervention, gas prices would increase by 30 percent by the end of the year, and electricity prices by 40 percent rise, the politician calculated.

At the same time, he promised that there would be no tax increases – and received praise from all parties for it. “In this phase, the money is distributed and not collected,” he said.

Thanks to the billions in aid from the European Corona Development Fund, Italy is betting that the economy will continue to grow. Rome is assuming an increase in gross domestic product of around 6 percent this year – 4.5 percent was forecast in the spring.

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